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2002 Ford Mustang

My Good-Weather Weekend Good Times

One Friday afternoon I received some bad news about my health. The next morning I bought this Mustang. I had been looking at it for a week and I wasn't that interested in a convertible, but it was special, good color, and low miles. So I bought it.

That was 4 years ago and the health problems are gone, but I still have the Mustang.

I raced it near stock during 2004 and 2005 at mile-high Bandimere in Denver (5,800 ft). I had a supercharger installed in winter of 2006 and didn't race it that year. In 2007, I raced it quite a lot. After installing Mickey Thompson Drag Radial racing tires and experimenting, it had a best of 13.34 ET and almost 105 mph (sneaked by on the roll bar rule).

Basic Specifications
Vehicle Color: Gray
Engine Type: 8 Cylinder
Transmission: Manual
Estimated Horsepower: 405 HP
Estimated Curb Weight: 3,600 lbs.
Mileage: 39,000 miles
At the Track
Best 60': 1.803
Best R/T: .000
Best 1/8 Mile ET: 8.235
Best 1/8 Mile MPH: 86.14
Best 1/4 Mile ET: 12.814
Best 1/4 Mile MPH: 108.73

In 2008 I've added a fiberglass top which allows me to be teched as a coupe, thus not required to have a roll bar until 11.50. I hope to get into the 12s.

Factory Options:
Deluxe trim GT convertible

Exterior Modifications:
Smoothline removable fiberglass top.

Interior Modifications:

Procharger P1-SC with 3 core IC, exhaust, intake, shifter
Subframe connectors and strut tower brace.

Ford Racing 3.73s and drive shaft loop


To-Do List:
Maybe new forged bottom end to handle 12 lbs of boost.

4/27/08 - I think I could have gotten close to the 12s today. At Coy's Street Machine Showdown at Bandimere in Denver, I ran 13.306 and 13.309 in my qualifying rounds. I dialed 13.30 and was leading the other guy so I backed off. I had been running close to 106 on the top end and I backed off to 102 and still ran 13.15. If I had stayed in it I think I would have had a 13.05.

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7/16/08 - First time racing since May. Raised boost to 10.5, which I think is safe at 5,800 ft altitude here in Colorado. Very hot, ran consistent 13.15 +/-. It cooled off a little around 7:30 for my last run. 12.89 @ 106.23. I added some pictures from this day at Bandimere.

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